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Everyday Moments Collection

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  • Hip Rose is a classic small-flowered wallpaper with almost 100 years of history. Now we gently revive the rosehip roses again and print the wallpaper in three completely new color schemes. Here you see Hip Rose with light beige flowers against a warm green background. A calm, comfortable but also energizing wallpaper that gives the room a wonderfully cozy vintage feel. Nice in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom, children's room or the welcoming hall.
  • Small-flowered Hip Rose is a wallpaper from the early 20th century, but the sweet rosehip roses fit just as well in today's homes. We are now releasing three completely new color schemes with a light gray, green or pink background.
  • Hip Rose is a wallpaper that was created as early as the 1920s or 1930s. The small-flowered pattern is available in two original color schemes, dark blue and this warm ocher-colored yellow with white flowers. A cozy, slightly old-fashioned wallpaper that fits in a cozy kitchen, or why not in the bedroom or children's room?
  • The Hip Rose wallpaper is created based on a model from Bor?stapeter's large wallpaper archive. The toned-down floral pattern probably originates from the 1920s or 1930s and the two saturated colors are the same now as then. Here you see Hip Rose with simple, gray-beige flowers against a dark blue background. A cozy wallpaper for the bedroom, the kitchen or why not the children's room?
  • The Fern Forest wallpaper has a dense pattern of large fern leaves that in some places form a forest of ferns in a beautiful herringbone pattern. A lush and restful wallpaper for, for example, bedrooms and living rooms. Fern Forest is available in three color schemes, this one goes in soft shades of blue, green, gray and beige.
  • Original Brick is an industrial style wallpaper with a true-to-life brick pattern with a lot of patina. The pattern is taken from a photo of a brick wall in a caf? in Gothenburg. Rustic and charming for, for example, the kitchen, dining area, hall or teenage room. Original Brick is available in three color schemes, white, gray and this classic brick-colored.


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