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Front Door Pro Painting Kit


Our Front Door Pro Finish Painting Kit makes light work of front doors. This specially designed kit is guaranteed to give you a professional finish. This Painting Kit includes:


1 x 500ml Meths Spirit

1 x Green scourer

1 x Rag

1 x Medium Sanding Pads

1 x Fine Sanding Pads

1 x Tack Clothes

1 x 1.5” Axus blue series brush

1 x 4” Axus captain chunk tray

1 x 4” Axus 4” handle

1 x 3pk Two Fussy Blokes smooth

1 x 1” Fleetwood Low Tack Washi Masking Tape

1 x 3pk Prep Dust Sheets

1 x 500ml White Spirits

1 x 500ml Fleetwood Bloxx It Primer

1 x Tin Opener 

Not Included but recommended as a topcoat

1L Little Greene intelligent eggshell / Intelligent satin – Choose here

1L Colourtrend satin / eggshell or gloss – Choose here

1L Fleetwood advanced satin / eggshell or gloss – Choose here 




1. Preparation is the key to all painting jobs. Layout your dust sheets remove any ironmongery from the front door. Wipe down the door including all nooks and crannies, with the Methylated Spirits and scour. Wipe clean with the rag provided.

2. Tape off any hinges or areas that you do not wish to get paint on.

3. Lightly sand down all areas that are getting painted with the medium sanding pads.

4. Wipe down all areas with a tack cloth to remove any dust, then wipe down all areas with a damp cloth, and let dry for 10 minutes before painting.

5. Time to prime. Apply 2 coats of Bloxx It using your 1.5” brush and rollers. Paint one small area at a time, and take your time.

6. Let everything dry for 2-4 hours before applying the second topcoat. Bloxx-it is an oil-based primer, so be sure to use the white spirits providing to clean out brushes and rollers.

7. Lightly sand down everywhere with the light sanding pads. Wipe down with tack cloth.

8. Time for topcoats. Same as a primer, 2 topcoats are required. Use the same method as priming and leave to dry for 2-4 hours between coats. Lightly sand between the first topcoat and the final topcoat.

9. Take off tape and reinstall ironmongery.

10. Enjoy your beautifully painted kitchen for years to come.

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Weight 5 kg


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