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The Room Pro Painting Kit

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Our Room Pro Finish Painting Kit makes light work of interior rooms. This specially designed kit is guaranteed to give you a professional finish. This Painting Kit includes:


1 x Axus 9” Roller Tray set with 2 sleeves, tray and handle

1 x 2.5L Ceiling Paint

1 x 2.5L Kettle

1 x Rag

2 x Tack cloths

2 x Medium Sanding Pad

2 x Fine Sanding Pad

1 x Tube Polyfilla

1 x Axus Short Grip Brush

1 x Axus 1.5″ Brush

1 x 2” Filling Knife

1 x Fleetwood Low Tack Washi Masking Tape

1 x 3pk Prep Plastic Dust Sheets

1 x 3pk Two Fussy Blokes Smooth

1 x Axus 4” Lime Wood Finishing Set

1 x Tin Opener 

NOTE – Colour not included, please pick from recommended below

Not Included but recommended as a topcoat

(2.5L for small room project eg box room  or 5L large project eg sitting room or 10L two rooms or hall stairs and landing)

2.5L, 5L or 10L Little Greene intelligent or Absolute Matt 

3L, 5L or 10L Colourtrend ceramic matt, interior matt or soft sheen

2.5L, 5L or 10L Fleetwood washable matt, matt or soft sheen





  1. As in all painting jobs, preparation is the key to a successful outcome. Clear out the room as much as possible.
  2. Lay your dust sheets down covering as much of the floor as possible.
  3. Use the filling knife and filler provided, fill any holes or imperfections in the wall. Let dry and sand down all areas lightly with the sanding pads provided.
  4. Paint ceiling first using one coat ceiling paint, 9” set. Wash tray out after all ceilings have been painted.
  5. Start painting your walls, Open your paint colour and start by cutting in around the edges using your 2” short angled brush and kettle.
  6. Roll the rest of the walls.
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the second coat.
  8. After two coats have been left to dry on the walls, it’s time to paint your skirtings.
  9. Tape or mask around all trim work that requires painting. Lightly sand down all woodwork prior to painting. Use tack cloth to wipe away and dust before painting
  10. Using the 2” brush, roller set, sleeves, and the 19mm fitch (for finer smaller areas) paint the skirtings. Lightly sand between first coat and final topcoat.
  11. Apply a second coat of woodwork paint. Let dry and remove masking tape.
  12. Sit back relax and enjoy your freshly painted room


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