Which Paint Finish Do You Need For Each Surface?

Did you know that the end result of your painting project also depends on the finish you choose? Paint has a wide range of finishes and each brand has its own name for these finishes so it can seem a little daunting when starting off. But we have you covered and will go through each brand we offer and their finishes to help you choose which one is perfect for your project.

Colourtrend has a variety of 8 finishes for each colour. Ceramic Matt, Interior Matt and Soft Sheen are all wall interior washable finishes. They vary slightly with the sheen level. The higher the sheen the more suited it is in high moisture areas. Eggshell, Satin and Gloss are for trim finishes, so they are suitable for wood and metal surfaces. These also vary in sheen level – this can determine how matt the end product looks. The higher the sheen the shinier and also the more durable it will be. Weather Exterior Masonry is for all outdoor buildings and walls. This is an exterior paint that is made to battle the elements. Undercoat is used before painting on wood.

Little Greene has 7 finishes to choose from. Intelligent Matt and Absolute Matt are two indoor wall finishes. Intelligent Matt is better suited for high-traffic areas as it’s very stain resistant. These both have a matt finish – so very little shine. Intelligent Eggshell is an interior paint for walls that resists moisture so is good for bathrooms, utilities and rooms with lots of moisture. Intelligent Satinwood is again for indoors but for wooden materials and painting kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture and wooden trims. Flat Oil Eggshell is a low odour, oil-based paint used indoors and is most suitable for most surfaces including woodwork and primed metals e.g.radiators and pipework.

Fleetwood offer 5 finishes Washable Matt is a superior washable matt product with exceptional wear and stain resistance. Soft Sheen is another finish for interior walls and has a slightly higher sheen level. It is washable. It is particularly suited to kitchens, bathrooms and other areas that routinely experience moisture. Similar to the other brands Satin and Eggshell and both for woodwork and for metal.

Dulux offer 10 finishes – Diamond Matt, Vinyl Matt, Vinyl Soft Sheen, Satinwood, Eggshell, High Gloss, Quick Drying Satinwood (water-based), Quick Drying Eggshell (water-based), Quick Drying High Gloss (water-based), Undercoat. The two Matt finishes & Soft Sheen finish are all for walls and ceilings. The Diamond Matt is the toughest out of the three for wear and tear. The satinwoods, eggshells & high gloss are again all for wood and metal.

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Turquoise velvet couch in a living room surrounded by painted blue walls from The Colour Hub

Clockwise from Top: Absolute Matt Emulsion from Little Greene, Intelligent Satinwood from Little Green, Intelligent Exterior Eggshell from Little Greene. All available online at www.thecolourhub.ie.

A kitchen with walls painted yellow and cabinets painted blue using Little Greene paint from The Colour Hub